Thursday, 1 December 2011


When people diecde to set a goal like to complete an Iron Man one of the best things to have is a great support system!
And one of these I have. On top of having a wonderful supportive husband and family...I have the best group of friends a girl could ask for!

When I announced that I was doing this crazy race....which I don't think many of my friends were surprised ;-) I could not believe the response of people who told me they wanted to come watch.
At first I thought well ya people say that just to be polite but who knows if anyone would make the trip...

Well....I can say I am so touched to have so many friends making the trip to watch me take on this challenge!
First off my best bud from Houston Tammy has booked her flight and I know will be one of the loudest cheering people in the crowd!
My sister and her new husband and my parents are also making the trip from Vancouver Island...

Then their is My Okotoks Mammas!! I have lived in Okotoks for about 4 years now and I have met some of the most amazing girls in this town!
A few months ago Sarah (or as Brad calls her Wine Sarah ;-)) made a Facebook group `Candice`s journey to Ironman 2012`and pulled together a group to see if anyone wanted to make the trip to come wacth the event!
Now the wheels are in motion and they are booking accommodation....and I am so touched they are coming to cheer me on!

So now with big team coming to cheer me on the pressure is on!! I cannot disappoint my crew! So this is putting my fuel into my training knowing I have a wonderful team that is going me there cheering me to the end!
I can't wait to give them all a HUGE HIGH 5 as I cross that Iron man Finish line!

Love you all!!