Sunday, 25 March 2012

5 months until the big day!!

I looked at the calendar and 5 months tomorrow is IRONMAN!! OMG!
It feels like yesterday I stood in line and registered for this race...and now I only have 5 months until it is here!
Part of me is excited and part of me is scared....thinking OMG will I be ready??
My training now has been very manageable in my opinion....I have not felt burnt out or like I was ever doing "too much"....
Generally most days I feel pretty I am hoping this is a good sign moving into the next 5 months....
I know in the coming months as the weather improves and I can head outside the workouts will become longer and harder....but I am ready!

5 months to Ironman....Bring it on!

My training last week went pretty good...I did take 2 rest days since my cold did settled into my chest and I knew I needed a bit more rest....but I got back at it today and felt good.

This week:

Monday- TRX/spin 1 hour
Tuesday-TRX/Threshold run 1 hr/Swim drills
Wednesday- MAP run/teach step
Thursday- Teach BS and Cardio/Compuride 2 hours
Friday- TRX
Saturday- rest
Sunday- run 2 hours

Sunday, 18 March 2012

All stuffed up!

Well this week we got hit with the COLD in our house...started with Jade my 4 year old then Zach who is 2 then of course mommy had to get it as well........we are almost all healthy and then I am sure daddy will be close behind!
So the workouts got a bit messed up this week due to sick kids...but I was able to still fit it all in which was good. My cold is not that bad so I still continued on as well but just took my intensity down a bit!

I like a saying someone said to me this week in regards to working out with a cold...."Above the Neck give it heck"...."Below the neck let it rest" my cold was  mostly a cough and runny nose so sweating it out is what I am still trying to do!!

This weeks plan:

Monday- TRX/2 hour Computrain ride
Tuesday- TRX/Temp Run 30 mins
Wednesday- Swim 1.5 km/Step
Thursday- Body Scuplt/2 hour computrain ride
Friday- MAP run 36 mins
Saturday- REST
Sunday- 4 hour Brick session!!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Snow Shoeing GREAT cross training!!

This week was a hard one! Came off the 5 hr brick session on the weekend with some hard workouts this week.....By Friday I was really feeling it!

This week I took out one of my runs and we went snow shoeing!!  My husband Brad and I did a lot of sow shoeing before our kids were born but have not done much in the past 5 years. So today we got a sitter and headed up to Kananaskis. We were worried there would be no snow but were happy when we hit Powerface trail we got lots of snow!
Since today was still a training day for me and Brad is also training (for his first half marathon) we made it a workout! So wee did 10km...the first 5 km in was a pretty steady incline so we just tried to stay at steady pace and just stopped to peel off layers as it got hot. We stopped for lunch at 5km then came back down....on the way down since it was a decline and flats we decided to do some "running" so we would do 200-400 metre run then that does not sound far...but with heavy hiking boots and snow shoes attached that was quite the workout! We are both feeling that in our legs now!
The only down fall is I got a blister....OUCH!!
But it was a fun day!

My plan for this week:

Monday: Spin
Tuesday: TRX/Threshold Run (60 mins)/ Swim drills (YIKES)
Wednesday- Interval class/Swim 2km
Thursday- Body Sculpt class/Computrain 2 hrs
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Run 2:30
Sunday- Rest

Sunday, 4 March 2012

5 hours of bike, run and other fun fun fun!!

Well I came off a good week again this week.
Did all my workouts and they felt great!

I added a new "coach" to my training team this week. Dan who works out of Natural High in Okotoks and leads the Computrain program and has a vast amount of knowledge on training as well as nutrtion is going to coach me on my nutrition for training and the race.
Such an important part of the race and  can be the make or break it for the big day so I need to get it right! So I am excited to work with him and learn so much I am sure!

Today I did my biggest training session yet! I went a group led by Coach Cal from Critical Speed in Calgary. He has been training athletes for more then 25 years...and is top notch coach in the triathlon community. About once a month he holds these 5 hour brick sessions..I heard about them from my friend Dan....who also is doing Iron man this year and is coached by Cal. So I thought what the heck..
All I knew going in it was 5 hours and we bike and we run!

So here is what it was...
We got on our bikes at 1pm....we do intervals like sprint, hills...etc...for anywhere form 10-20 minutes...then you get off your bike FAST then you run the the stairs you run 4 flights...using tubing at the bottom for strength....then get to the mats and do pushups and crunches etc.,,.sometimes we did that lap up to 8-10x...
Then you get 3-5 min rest and you go again..and again and again...and the intervals get harder every time! and we do this until 6pm....5 hours! I was shocked how fast the time went and really how good I felt. It was was also a real good group of people who were really supportive.

My plan for this week:

Monday- Yell at TRX (rest for me) :-)
Tuesday- TRX and 50 min threshold run
Wednesday- 2000m swim
Thursday- Body Sculpt, 2 hour compuride
Friday- TRX,Time trail run
Saturday-Swim drills
Sunday- Run 2 hours.