Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tri it....ugh I have no self control!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Well came off another pretty good week....I am impressed I stayed  pretty close to on track with my workouts this week. With Brad being away I did miss my Friday workouts....I took an extra rest day. Saturday my goal was a 2:15 run.....I did do a long run but after 17.3km I had was pretty cold I was happy with took just under 2 hours...I had to stop a few times and fix layers etc...

This weekend I also made a visit to "Tri It" if you don't know what that is the only Triathlon focused store in Calgary. and thank go it is wayyyy north!
But I went on Saturday and once again spent a ton of money!

But look what I got

I am so excited!!! It is a lap counter! The one thing that drives me crazy when I swim is I loose count! I am thinking about everything else and I forget what lap I am a lady in my bike class told me about this. You put it on your finger and click it after every lap! Genius!!!

Then I bought this

The big thing I am focusing on in my training is my nutrition. I saw MANY examples of athletes coming over the finish line last year where there were issues with what they did and did not eat! I do not want this to be one of my issues!
So I heard about this supplement called FLUID. It is a liquid Carb, protein, electrolyte I am giving it a they have a recovery drink as well.
The other  bar just looked yummy so I thought I would give it a try!

So my plan for this week:

Monday- Spin 1 hour
Tuesday- TRX/ Run Hills/ Possible 2 hour Computrain ride
Wednesday- Swim 2 km/ Step
Thursday- Cardio Class/swim drills
Friday- interval class/TRX
Saturday- Yoga
Sunday- 5 Hour BRICK! (3 hour ride/2 hour run) YIKES!!!!

I teach a lot this I may have to take it down in some of the classes....that is me not my clients of course ;-)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Missing Workouts....

Well this is more of a confession...
I skipped my interval run tonight....the same one I skipped last week!

Coach Jen gave me a plan for the next 28 weeks which gives me specific workouts to do each week..
In a nut shell it consists of 3 runs, 2 bikes and 2 swims.....those stay consistent but the duration and intensity changes.

The last 2 weeks my third run has been a short (30 mins) high intensity interval run and for the 2nd week in a row I have not done it....but I have done the other 6 workouts!!

My issue with the runs is this.....I do not like to run at night in the dark and cold....and two I do not have a treadmill! So that leaves me with daytime then I have to find childcare...not always easy especially for just a 30 min run!

My plan tonight since Brad is away was to hit the track. Since it is only 30 mins I thought heck the kids can come. So I packed them up after supper and we headed down...We got there and there is an Oilers Game so track is closed!
So we came home!!

I know it is only one 30 min run but it is crazy the guilt I feel!
I met with Jen this week and the biggest piece of advice she gave me was don't stress if you miss a workout and don't try to make it up......that is how you get injured.
So these words are in my head but I still feel bad.....but I know I need to get up tomorrow in the SNOW and run for 2 hours and 15 mins and then the guilt of missing this run will be GONE!!!

Monday, 20 February 2012


Well in Alberta today is Family Day..
I took 2 days off training this weekend and we took the kids up to West Edmonton Mall. I can not say it was 2 relaxing rest days...since spending 5 hours at the Water Park one day and 5 hours at Galaxy land and shopping the next left me quite tired!! But it was so nice to spend that time with my family knowing that in the months that lie ahead these weekend outings will be more difficult for me to fit around training schedules.
With that said I am lucky to have a very supportive husband who understand what the time commitment is and values the time we all do spend together so I am so lucky!

Since I was away this weekend my weekly update is one day late...

Last week was a good week I stayed on track with all my workouts and felt strong throughout.
I did find my 2 hour Compuride Thursday night followed by a 2 km swim Friday to be tough but I did it and enjoyed the 2 days of rest after :-)

This is the plan for this week:

Monday- Ran 1 hour
Tuesday- TRX/ Threshold run (40 mins)
Wednesday- Interval class/ Swim 1000 m
Thursday- Body Sculpt/ MAP Run (30 mins)/2 hour Compuride (this may hurt)
Friday- 2 hour compuride
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- 2hour 15 min run...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Burpees how I love them!

So I saw this picture of Facebook today and I smiled! For all those who know me I don't do many workouts that do not contain a Burpee or 2!!

Burpees are one of those exercises that work everything and are such a fantastic anaerobic activity!
Now the challenge is I could Burpees everyday and be VERY happy....but they also kill now that I have to add on 1-3 hours of training after I teach a class I now have to limit the Burpees
I do :-( ........but I still do them of course...and make my clients do even more!!

Well it is Sunday and here is it my plan for the week:

Monday- TRX/Spin 1 hour
Tuesday- TRX/Run 6 km
Wednesday- Swim /step
Thursday- Body Sculpt/ 2 hr Compuride
Friday- Swim
Saturday and Sunday- rest days at West Edmonton Mall!!
Monday- Long Run 16 km

That is it for this week all!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Week of Feb 6th.....

Well I am one day late in my post....I taught a course this certify new Personal Trainers through Canfitpro....I love it...and love to see people as they are new to the field and ready to change peoples lives!!
So anyway I am happy to say I stayed on track with all my workouts last week and felt great by the end of the week....still a little worried about my run mileage right now but will continue to build it..

Here is the plan for the week:

Monday: TRX and 1 hour Spin
Tuesday: TRX/ Run 6 km
Wednesday: Swim 45 mins/ Step
Thursday: Body Sculpt. 2 hr Compuride
Friday: TRX/Swim
Saturday: Run long 15 km
Sunday: Rest

have a GREAT week everyone!!