Saturday, 5 November 2011

Back in the Pool....

Well I finally did it.....3 months after my last race I finally got back in the POOL!
Like I mentioned before my "formal" training does not start until January...but I still need to maintain my levels of fitness up to then.
Jen "my coach" told me not to worry to much about "training" right now since I do have a higher level of fitness.
For me though it is mental. I know if I wait till January to get back in the pool those workouts will be that much more challenging. So for now my goal is to get in the pool once a week.
So yesterday I did just that....of course my plan to get to the pool for an hour did not quite work out! Getting two kids into the Rec centre and into the child care room took more time then I anticipated.
So by the time I did that I got ready I had 30 mins to swim...
My plan was to jump in and just swim 1000 metres and check where I was at. So I swam 1000 metres with a few breaks :-) It took me 26 I was okay with that.
Of course all I could think about is HOW am I going to go this for over 4000 metres without going crazy?? I guess only time will tell....

I am also feeling it in my arms is funny how I can do TRX 3 days a week and I go and swim 1000 metres for 26 mins and I can feel that even more! Just shows why we need to cross train and challenge our bodies in different ways.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Working and training.....this is a challenge!!!


Well I have not been the best blogger that is foresure...but really it is just due to lack of time!!
It is November 1st today and WOW what a FALL!
When we started our business almost 4 years ago the plan was it to be a nice little "side gig" while we were stay at home moms!
Well I can say in our 4th fall season this is WAYYYYY more then a "Side Gig"....we are sooo happy that C&C Fitness is such a success BUT this has now become a full time job for us!
The good part is I do LOVE IT! I love every minute I put into teaching and the business...the down side is now finding the time to train!

My plan until January was just to maintain. Keep up with teaching my classes (which I teach about 7-9 a week) plus adding some spin class, a weekly run as well as a weekly swim.
So obviously I am teaching all my every week I have been adding new personal training client's as well.
Unfortunately I have only made to to spin 3 times since beginning of September and well I have not been in the pool once! Also the running is a bit of a issue since I hate running in the cold...and really it has not been I will get out there this weekend!
My plan is to swim this Friday so lets hope all goes according to plan.

I am hoping once my training moves into high gear in January I will be able to balance things a bit better....but if things are going at the same rate they are right now I am going to need many more hours in my days!!

I always said I don't know how people work full time and train for Ironman...but I think I am seeing now how this is quite a challenge!