Thursday, 23 August 2012

In Pentiction and the excitment is mounting...

Hello All!!

Well we arrived in Penticton last night and got settled into our hotel.
We woke up this morning and this was the view from our hotel..

I looked out on the street as bikers were taking out their bikes for one last ride I looked out the other way to see runners heading out for a short run. Then I looked out to the lake and saw a wave of swimmers testing out the water...

There was a buzz in the air...I thought I would be really nervous once I got here and was a part of it all...but I am really more excited. Everyone is so friendly and everyone seems so pumped and ready to do this!

I headed out with one of my training buddies for a swim in the lake this morning. The water was beautiful!!! Swim was good....except I decided I need to get some polarized goggles.....and well I bought more then that see later in post...

After the swim and we cleaned up we headed to race registration...Well the line up was a few HUNDRED deep...but I was lucky my lovely training buddy Tera was in line and let me slip in so I only had to wait about 10 mins!!!
So we picked up all our numbers etc...
Here is it...

WOW that is alot of stickers...I guess they will know who I am!

Then it was off to the merchandise tent. My main goal was to buy some new goggles (which I got) but then I saw all the cool clothes. Now my issues was there is lots of "finisher" gear and clothes that comes out Monday...but you have to wait early in line to get it..
So I was going to wait until Monday.....but then a very wise man I met in the tent who has done Ironman a few times said "You never know how you will feel Monday and standing in line for hours the next day may be the last thing you want to buy something now so you don’t miss out all together".
So I listened ;-) bought a few shirts for me and a very cool bike jersey and a t-shirt each for the kids....
YIKES.....but you gotta look like an Ironman after the race right??
And if I feel good on Monday....of course I will go back....since I have know there is a cool "finisher" jacket and I would love to have it!!

The plan this afternoon was to have a nap!! Well you all with kids now having a moment to nap is not easy...especially in a hotel! So I did throw on cartoon for some down time and I do have my feet up as I write this blog!

Tonight the kids are taking part in the Ironman kids race...they are sooo excited! They even get to run through the finish line...

I am hoping tonight I get a better far the first 2 nights have not been that great for sleep....hard with kids in a hotel hoping tonight will be better!

Tomorrow I am heading out for a bike ride with some of my training buddies then plan to lay low for the rest of the day until my parents and my best bud from Houston arrives! YEAH!!
Then Saturday my gang shows up...I am so touched that so many of my friends are coming all this way to cheer for means the world to me! So I can’t wait to have a nice BBQ with them all Saturday as I gear up and get ready for the big day!

I doubt I will have a chance to blog again before this will be my last post until my post race report! I thank you all you have followed my blog this year. Blogging has helped me mentally prepare for the race and also it is going to be great to look back on in years to come!

So yes I feel ready.....excited.....and ya a little nervous...but I can do this and am excited to say in a few short days I will be a IRONMAN!!!

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  1. Congratulations Candice!!! You did it! what an incredible achievement, and you have no idea how many people you have inspired. I sat in Montana anxiously awaiting your finish. Way to go!
    Enjoy your well deserved rest.
    Cara Holditch