Monday, 6 August 2012


Well when it comes to possible weather scenarios for Ironman I think I have most of them covered..

When my serious outdoor training started in May/June...I pretty much trained in the RAIN for like 4 weeks straight. So when it came to Great White North (half ironman) July 1st and we had a down pour on the bike....well it did not phase me too much...

Now since about the 2nd week of July it has been HOT....I am not sure if we have had a summer where we have had this many days above 30 degrees!!
In an ideal world I would get up and head out about 5-6am so I can avoid the late day heat.....that is all good EXCEPT for Ironman I will be on my bike in the heat of the day and same with the beginning of the I NEED to get used to it...

I think my hottest training session to date was this weekend...even hotter then when I was in Penticton last month!

We were in Radium this weekend camping...and I had a brick session to do.....a nice short one...30 km bike followed by a 10 km run. We were planning to go hang with our friends (Carlie and Mike) in this worked out great! I hung out with the family in the am at the campground then about 11:30am I headed out.....I biked out to Windermere (added on an extra 10 km since it was not far enough) while I was biking it was 35 degrees out!! I got to the cabin....just as Brad and the kids arrived....grabbed my runners, re filled my water and headed out.....I think it jumped another 3-4 degrees as I ran! I had to stop half way just to splash cold water on my face.....I ended up doing 8.5 km (cut it a bit short since I ran out of water)

So this brick was 2.5 hours in some pretty intense heat...of course much shorter then Ironman but it gave me a chance to play around with when I took electrolytes and water and other fuel etc...
I felt good that was a good sign!

here is a pic as I headed out Saturday

I am defiantly not hoping for high temps for race day....but I think I know how to deal with the various temps and if I had my way a nice day around 24 degrees with some light cloud would be PERFECT!!!

So I am now leading into my taper...I have one more bigger training day this week...then my volume definitely begins to the mental preparation and physical preparation in the means of sleep and nutrition will become very important......discuss more about that next week :-)

This week looks like this :

Tuesday- I teach 5 classes...yikes....1 of them is spin

Wednesday- 3 km open water swim/ 2 hour run

Thursday- MAP run (1 hour)

Friday- 50 km ride

Saturday- Brick 30 km bike 10 km run

Sunday rest

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